‘Black protests’ vs Cybercrime Law

YOUTH group Anakbayan today said protests and activities vs the Cybercrime Law will continue, this, after the Supreme Court issued a Temporary Restraining Order on the Palace-backed measure.

Anakbayan said protests will hit campuses and workplaces and various groups will wage “black protests” nationwide.

“Bloggers, netizens, petitioners will tour campuses, communities and workplaces and make the #NoToCybercrimeLaw movement viral online and offline. We will make sure we score a complete victory against e-martial law,” says Vencer Crisostomo national chairperson of Anakbayan, also among the petitioners against the Cybercrime Law.

Crisostomo also called on the public to remain vigilant against “other moves to curtail civil liberties and stifle free speech.”

“Noynoy’s stubborn defense of the law exposes his government’s Marcosian tendencies and fascist, repressive orientation,” said Crisostomo.


Anakbayan also assailed an administration senatoriable for “political opportunism” regarding the Cybercrime Law.

Crisostomo scored former Akbayan representative, now LP senatoriable Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel for “shamelessly riding on the people’s victory, when they were in fact one with the Palace in defense of the law.”

He was referring to a statement released by Baraquel and Akbayan “lauding the collective action of the people who defied the Cybercrime Law.”

“Noong nanalo na, nakikisakay. Only thick-faced opportunist politicians like Hontiveros and Akbayan can have the gall to invite themselves to the victory party, ride on the victory of those who actually fought when they clearly sided with the Palace in defending the law when the battle was raging,” he said.

Hontiveros earlier quoted as saying that “Akbayan accepts Cybercrime Law except libel provisions,” “called on Aquino, social movements and organizations to craft the IRR to negate the law’s provisions,” and “to salvage the law.”

Crisostomo said Hontiveros also called on protesters to commit acts of “libel” against Tito Sotto, but refused to say anything about the person who actually signed the law: President Aquino.

“Akbayan and Hontiveros were nowhere to be seen as people protested, they were not among the petitioners against the law and they in fact muddled the issue and tried to draw attention away from the Palace and Aquino, who was responsible for signing the law and who is now being sued in the SC,” Crisostomo said.

Crisostomo warned the public of “icky opportunists, kapalmuks and epals” and said they should consider not voting for those who supported the Cybercrime Law in the coming 2013 elections.

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