Casiño congratulates progressive artists Dalena and Ortiz

MAKABAYAN senatorial candidate Teddy Casino on Sunday congratulated filmmaker-sculptress Kiri Lluch Dalena and visual artist Renan Ortiz for being included in the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ prestigious 13 Artists Award.

“I am also congratulating the CCP for picking such progressive artists that not only challenge the different forms of art but also put forward the artistic discourse on social and political issues,” the progressive solon said.

“Art is a visual language. It may sometimes be in the form of abstractions but ultimately, I think it should make sense, question or enlighten us about life. At the very least, it should make us feel something. Art moves. And the greatest form of art for me is something that speaks about the downtrodden and their struggles, the people that we rarely hear about in the mainstream,” Casino said.

Casino pointed out Ortiz’s statement that art should not be “provocative for provocation’s sake.” Art should be relevant, he quoted the young artist who describes himself as an activist and an educator.

Ortiz, a member of the Concerned Artists of the Philippines, was the artist behind the letras y figuras-inspired barong that Casino wore during the 2012 SONA protest.

The solon also said that he has always admired Dalena, whose recent exhibit “Washed Out” spoke of floods, tragedy, death and resilience. Dalena, often cited for her thought-provoking works, once offered her directorial skills for the short video “Takbo ni Teddy” which was conceptualized by Casino’s supporters.

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