Communicating in the new political landscape

IT would be interesting to see how media handlers and campaign managers will adjust their messaging and communication strategies to the present realities.

The prevailing anti-epal sentiment is gaining ground that even hardcore traditional politicians are beginning to take stock and be mindful of public perception.

This coming elections, anyone who campaigns the traditional way through posters, streamers, billboards, etc. will be branded as “Epal.”

Even candidates are hard-pressed to find professional communicators who are creative or innovative enough to transcend this present campaign hurdle. Majority of the operators in our political landscape are old school and not adept at sending their messages through new media and social networking platforms.

This is exciting. 2013 will usher in a new way of messaging and communicating why candidates deserve to be voted into office.

Haven’t you noticed? There are so many positive things happening now at the national level that I am so grateful for as a Filipino citizen … the Bangsamoro issue, the disqualification of fake partylists, the affirmation from the business & global community, etc.

We are just so used to self flagellation and shooting ourselves in the foot. At least, these are things that are not common in any other administration. For now, corruption is still synonymous with government, But until we begin to take notice of the little people, the little inroads, the little acts of those who choose the narrow and straight path — we remain mired in our mindset and belief that we are a hopeless race.

If we refuse to acknowledge these sacrifices of these nameless and faceless few who, out of their ingrained values, live their lives against the tide — then we are no less than those who commit the monstrosities we condemn to high heavens.

The public’s perception of “reality” is swayed by their own biases and interventions done by certain interest groups. The peoples’ perception is subjective, easily managed, and open to conditioning by those with good and evil intentions.

Only a small proportion is blessed with the right perception unswayed by those with ulterior motives. The reason being only a few have the right values and morals as solid foundation of ones character.

Have faith, dear readers. There is hope for our country. But we all should be selfless and be willing to sacrifice for the sake of our motherland. The first step is to give ourselves a chance to prove that we are capable of good governance as a nation.

Let us inspire hope among those lives we touch. Hatakan pataas as against our acknowledged crab mentality as a people. Let us start with ourselves … right now.

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