Dirty tricks vs Bayan Muna show Akbayan and M’cañang desperation – Anakbayan

THE disqualification charge vs Bayan Muna and other progressive party-lists is clearly a desperate attempt by Akbayan and Malacanang to deflect public criticism against them amidst calls for them to stop bastardizing the party-list system.

“Porke’t hindi masagot ang mga kaso laban sa kanila, gaganti na lang at gagamitin ang pwesto para i-harrass at siraan ang iba. Desperado na sila. They are now using red-baiting and dirty tricks,” Anakbayan said.

Note that the AFP-backed complaint uses the same line of arguments as Akbayan’s. We’ve heard these terms before: “extreme Left,” “communist fronts,” being used by Akbayan, the group statement said.

Akbayan and Malacanang know that the legal arguments for their disqualification are strong, the reason behind their underhanded tactics.

The Supreme Court’s ruling vs government-backed party-lists is clear, in Bagong Bayani vs Comelec, the SC said:

“Participation of the government or its officials in the affairs of a party-list candidate is not only illegal and unfair to the other parties, but also deleterious to the objective of the law,” Vencer Crisostomo, national chairperson, Anakbayan said.

The SC has also ruled that nominees must belong to marginalized and underrepresented sectors, which certainly disqualifies Akbayan’s top three nominees.

The SC has also disqualified major political parties from participating in the party-list system and said the called the party-list system is a “social justice tool” to enable “outsiders” to participate in lawmaking.

The AFP should now be investigated for fielding personnel to campaign against party-lists which is clearly prohibited. The spokesperson of group filing DQ charges, Agnes Lopez writes for several AFP publications, Crisostomo said.

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