Elusive peace in Mindanao

LIKE every peace loving Filipino, I am glad that the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front found a common ground to advance the cause of peace not only in Mindanao but all over the country.

However, I am quite dismayed that even while echo of that breakthrough has yet to dissipate, the Moro National Liberation Front is already creating a ruckus by threatening to continue its arm struggle all because it felt excluded in the recent GRP-MILF agreement.

Take note that aside from the MNLF another Moro group, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), led by a former MILF commander Ameril Umbra Kato said it will not recognize the GRP-MILF agreement.

This situation is an absolute nightmare for the government. It is also raising among the populace some concern and distrust of these Muslim groups. One popular concern is the possibility that the MNLF, MILF and BIFF are conspiring in a deliberate attempt to wear down the government.  In the end these groups, despite what they publicly profess, would declare independence from the republic.

I pray that this speculation is just that speculation. In the meantime, I trust that the MILF is sincere and that whatever problems it and the GRP had with the MNLF and BIFF will come to pass soon for the sake of the people.

* * *

I am really wondering why Sen. Edgardo Angara is insistent to include the libel provisions in his pet law, Republic Act 10175 (the Anti-Cybercrime Prohibition Act)  despite all evidence that libel is a tool of persecution by those in power.

In an interview, Angara said that since libel is in the statutes he sees no reason why it should not be included in his law. He, however, added that what needs to be done is to decriminalize libel as he promised to work for it.

I can’t get your drift, senator. If you will work for the decriminalization of libel why include it in your law? You have to realize that not just because it is in the statutes, it is right. Remember Proclamation 1081 of Ferdinand Marcos? His martial law was legal but was it right? Was it good for the people?

The German Enabling Act of 1933 was constitutional and it ended democracy and ushered in a totalitarian regime there and caused the death of millions. Is that what you want for us?

If I were you I will work for the repeal of your totalitarian inspired law. You are lucky since you are no longer a reelectionist otherwise, I will not vote for you and I will ask all my friends to do the same because you are a closet anti-democrat.

* * *

Militant organizations are opposing the sin taxes for being anti-people and anti-poor. But have they considered the fact that their position in this matter makes them anti-life and anti-health?

* * *

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