Group chides Aquino’s demolition rampage vs urban poor sector

CONTINUE defending our homes and win every people’s barricade against Aquino’s demolition rampage.”

This is the call of militant group Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (Kadamay) to the urban sector who has been facing wave after wave of violent attacks from the Aquino administration. Yesterday, two cases of demolitions of homes in poor communities have been slated in two different cities in the country.

Violence has bursted in Davao City after the demolition squad hired by a private claimant and the police tried to drive away residents for a lot in Barangay Centro Agdao. Many were hurt and arrested by the authorities.

At the same time, residents residing along P. Florentino street in Barangay Sto Domingo, Quezon City resisted a demolition attempt by the QC LGU to implement its road widening project. The residents remain vigilant for another wave of demolition of their homes this morning.

“Yesterday’s violent standoffs between the authorities and different urban groups are only a part of a massive plan to eradicate the urban poor from urban centers to give way to development projects under the Aquino administration,” said Carlito Badion, Kadamay national vice chair.

Butcher president

Kadamay has claimed that the inaction of the Aquino administration in addressing the violence related to demolition in urban poor communities only speaks of its connivance with the big businessmen.

The group has also unveiled that 11 so far have been slain due to Aquino’s demolition rampage against the urban poor sector. Not less than 16,000 families have been evicted from their communities in Aquino’s more than two years in office.

“Aquino has taken away our right to own a space in the country’s urban centers in the most violent means possible. He has been depriving us not only a shelter for our family but also the access to livelihood opportunities and jobs which can be only be found in the country’s urban centers,” Badion cited.

“Only a cold-blooded and butcher president could not understand our situation, and remain silent amidst all the violence,” he added.

Badion has called on every urban poor group in the country who faces threats of eviction from their communities to remain active in defending their right for homes, jobs and attaining social justice.

“We should hang on each other to get through these turbulent times,” he said.

Beyond Aquino’s ouster

“As the sector is confronted with wave after wave of violent evictions from their communities, while the government fails to deliver a decent and effective housing program for the millions of urban poor in the country, we really are not mistaken in calling for Aquino’s immediate ouster from his office,” the leader remarked.

“We should not only show the Aquino administration that we can fight, but we need to fail every attempt of the ruling class which Aquino represents to take away our homes and livelihood. We have been living in misery for quite some time,” he said.

According to Kadamay, the only way to escape from such misery is to bring down the current system with its laws and policies designed against the the poor, and for the benefit of only a few.

“Our collective action is necessary to look beyond Aquino’s ouster in order to create a new social order and cater the need of the majority,” Badion ended.

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