Group raises ‘red alert’ level over worsening child poverty in the country

CHILD welfare group, Akap Bata Party-List today launched the ‘Red Alert vs Child Poverty’ campaign today as part of their celebration to this year’s National Children’s Month.

The group said the launched is aimed to send warning to the government and to the general public to do something to address and resolve the basic issues of children.

According to the latest data on children of Akap Bata Party-List in their newly-released ‘2012 Report on the Real State of the Filipino Children’ (see attached documents), 12.4 million children consider themselves poor. On the said research also, 6 million kids do not receive educational services from the government; 32% stunted and 21% underweight kids have been registered; and number of street children now climbs to 2.2 million nationwide.

‘These alarming facts and figures are now exploding right into our very faces! As adults, we, particularly the government, should not waste time to live in silence and apathy because for every second, another child fall victim to the ills of poverty, hunger, homelessness and social injustices that are widely occurring in the country today,’ says Arlene Brosas, national secretary-general of Akap Bata Party-List.

Brosas added, ‘With these numbers of Filipino children and their families living in the quicksand of economic hardships, we now declare a Red Alert status against child poverty in the country in order for us to further intensify our collective struggle for the basic rights of every Filipino child for education, nutrition and shelter.’

She stresses, ‘This Children’s Month 2012, we chose to discuss issues with deep impact on the daily lives of every Filipino child. Aside from these poverty-related issues, we are also deeply bothered by the cases of rights abuses and welfare issues on children that further aggravate their economic burdens.’

Akap Bata Party-List also noted that child labor cases in the Philippines now reach to 5.5 million as while child abuse and exploitation cases soar every year. They also mentioned a report of 41 cases of child soldier recruitment for paramilitary groups as guides and shield for military operations.

Brosas also declared the ‘Nationwide Red Alert Day’ on October 17, in time of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. On this day, a nationally-coordinated noise barrage will be held in various points all over the country to further amplify the rising alarm against child poverty.

Finally, in time of the first day of filing of politicians for their Certificate of Candidacy for the 2013 midterm elections today, Akap Bata Party-List urged all political aspirants to heed the alarm against child poverty and have clear agenda and program of governance for the Filipino children.

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