Group to Akbayan: Funds indicate party of the elite, not of the marginalized

AKBAYAN can’t fool anyone, anymore. Akbayan’s fund sources have revealed its true nature; this is a party beholden to the elite, the hacienderos and big businessmen. This is a party for the elite, not for the marginalized,” said Dianne Marie Solmayor, NCR Secretary-General of the militant youth group Anakabayan.

The youth leader made the statement after Akbayan spokesperson Barry Gutierrez remarked that their massive fund support was indicative of the peoples’ support for their party.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Mr. Gutierrez,” said Solmayor, “your millions don’t tell of the marginalized sectors’ support. It tells only how you have betrayed the cause of the marginalized. It tells only how shameless you are to acceptblood-stained money from such landlord as the Haciendera Aquino sisters to fund your ambitions,” she added.

The leader further said that this is an “indication of the elite’s confidence in your anti-people agenda,” countering Gutierrez’s statement that this is an indication of “public confidence for Akbayan’s advocacies.”

Akbayan is now hard-pressed in defending itself against calls for its disqualification after Comelec documents have revealed that they have received funds from no less than the presidential sisters. Akbayan received funds even from Kris Aquino, which gave the highest amount amongst the three sisters, bloating their total 2010 election campaign fund to a whooping P112 Million.

Records also revealed that Akbayan had more campaign funds than the Liberal and Lakas parties.

“Truly this is the Aquino clan’s party-list,” remarked Solmayor. “They haven’t yet answered how they could still be underrepresented when their party officers occupy so many posts in the Aquino Government. Now they have been exposed anew as a party oiled by funds coming from the Aquino family itself,” she added.

Meanwhile, groups allied with Akbayan have recently called for the disqualification of party-lists under the Makabayan Coalition. The Akbayan-allied groups have revived accusations that the party-lists Bayan Muna, Gabriela, Anakpawis and Kabataan amongst others have links to the Communist Party of the Philippines.

Anakbayan NCR dismissed this new move calling it as another “dirty tactic to dodge the real issues of Akbayan’s questionable eligibility.” But the group expressed concern against this new effort to red-tag party-list groups saying, “These mouthpieces of the AFP should stop their communist witch-hunt. Stop justifying the escalating attacks against unarmed civilians and legal mass-activists, stop encouraging violations of human rights.”

The group further slammed the Akbayan-allied groups’ statement that progressive party-lists are ensured of votes through the NPA. “Don’t underestimate the masses’ capacity to scrutinize which party really represents them, and which ones don’t. The progressives enjoy the overwhelming support of the people because they represent their democratic aspirations. They support and vote for them because they uphold genuine representation of the marginalized,” said Solmayor.

“The people know which groups truly stand for their demand for land, decent homes and jobs, and social justice, the progressives will continue to enjoy the peoples’ support” said Solmayor. “On the other hand, with such support coming from landlords and big business, Akbayan is exposed to the full as representatives of the ruling exploiting classes of landlords, and local and foreign capitalists. They are indeed discredited and won’t be able to fool the peasants, workers, women and youth anymore,” she said.

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