Group to file prayer for suspension vs Pangasinan Gov. Espino

LOCAL community leaders will travel all the way from Pangasinan to the Office of the Ombudsman today to file a prayer for suspension against Governor Amado Espino over the issue of massive blacksand mining operations in the province.

The group, AROMAS will file the complaint as form of their opposition against the massive destruction of the environment due to the said mining and quarrying operations all over Pangasinan. They will also expose the continuing harassments against leaders of their group.

Before the filing, a Halloween-inspired protest will be held outside the Office of the Ombudsman to symbolically show the aftermath of the blacksand mining to the people of Pangasinan. Governor Espino will be depicted in an ‘undertaker’ costume in Halloween masks holding shovel digging blacksands. Some of the protesters will also wear masks and Halloween costumes.

They will also announce later a giant rally of Pangasinan residents against blacksand mining on November 21 from their province going to Manila in time of the International Fish Day.

Last year, the group already filed administrative cases of abuse of authority, violation of local government code and graft and corruption charges against Espino also in the Office of the Ombudsman.

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