Group urges Congress to pass Magna Carta for Day Care Workers

IN TIME for the World Teacher’s Day 2012 tomorrow (October 5), child welfare group, Akap Bata Party-List urged our legislators in both Houses of Congress to speedy enact a law that will provide own Magna Carta for Day Care Workers.

The group said that providing day care teachers and workers their own magna carta is the best way to pay tribute to them who are the unsung heroes of our children.

Akap Bata Party-List have been pushing for the passage of Congress and Senate versions of the Magna Carta for Day Care Workers Bill including Rep. Teddy Casino’s House Bill # 5852 (filed on February 14, 2012) and Senator Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla, Jr.’s Senate Bill # 3192 that enshrines security of tenure, minimum standard salary and social benefits for day care workers. To date also, a consolidated bill in the Lower House regarding this issue is slowly making progress.

The group stressed that day-care workers have been pushing their own magna carta for couple of decades now, but have been continuously neglected by past administrations. Akap Bata Party-List challenged our congressmen and senators to once and for all heed the long-drawn demands of our child carers of having their own charter of rights.

‘The main carers of children through the day-care system has long been voiceless and ignored. In the Philippine context, majority our day care workers and volunteers in poor communities receive a measly PhP500.00 while others receive none. Lucky are those who work in private day-care centers for they receive at least PhP2000.00 on a monthly basis,’ says Arlene Brosas, national secretary-general of Akap Bata Party-List.

She added, ‘Day care work has been treated as an informal profession or charitable work in our country. Despite this grim situation of day-care workers, they continue to serve, guide and teach the children even without pay.’

Brosas also said that as our congressmen and senators heat-up debates over mere sensational issues, pending bills for children and their carers are always being ignored. She said that our lawmakers must once and for all prioritize our day care teachers, who shape the future generation of our country. She also believes that it is high time for our country to give back to one of the pillars of our children’s dream and future.

She also said that their group will double their efforts to campaign the passage of the Magna Carta versions of Casino and Revilla until its actual enactment as a law. Akap Bata Party-List has been actively campaigning the passage of the bill in Metro Manila and various key provinces all over the country.

‘Day-care teachers and workers all throughout the archipelago are now united to push this historic proposed bill. For the information of our national government, the Magna Carta for Day Care Workers has a record of a decade-long struggle of the sector that has been neglected for many years now,’ Brosas said.

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