Groups conduct petition signing inside gov’t offices to junk AO 31

KABATAAN Partylist along with other youth groups trooped to the National Statistics Office at its East Avenue Branch in Quezon City to hold a massive petition signing. This was in response to the recently approved Administrative Order 31 that legalizes the increase of numerous government processing fees that many Filipinos regularly encounter. AO 31 further commercializes public services.

Kabataan Partylist National President, Atty. Terry Ridon slammed the AO 31 stating that it “could not have come at a worse time. Many Filipinos are reaping the effects of increases in oil prices and electricity. Plus there is the confirmation of the MRT hike this coming January.”

Despite the AO still to be implemented in January as well, Ridon noted that its passage still denotes a series of added burdens to the already difficult economic life of many Filipinos.

Ridon explained that “AO 31 came straight from Malacanang and Aquino and it shows how insensitive and ignorant the President is of the plight of Filipinos. Why pour salt on an open wound?”

Members of Kabataan Partylist were met by frustrated people in long lines upset by the news of AO 31.

“It isn’t surprising that there is hardly any positive reaction to fee increases. Though it’s still important to gather support from people to junk AO” added Ridon.
The group vowed to continue campaigning against AO 31 and all other approved unjust hikes through various actions and assemblies.

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