Ignoring traffic rules at Road 10

SIMPLE traffic rules are being violated left and right by trucks plying along the whole stretch of Road 10 (R-10), that is from the Office of the Department of Public Works and Highways in Manila all the way to Navotas Fish Port in Navotas City.

Despite the “No Parking” and “No U-Turn” traffic signs posted in conspicuous areas, these 10-wheeler trucks continue to park illegally or make a U-turn, and thereby creating traffic bottlenecks, especially during morning rush hours.

Mga bro, R-10 connects Manila to Navotas, Caloocan and Malabon. It is where you will find the notorious dumpsite called Smokey Mountain, which is just right across the SM Hypermarket, formerly Makro Supermarket.

And since R-10 is where the major inter-island port of Manila, North Harbor and the Manila Container Port is located, it is naturally the usual route for big cargo trucks, along with other public and private vehicles.

That is the price we pay for urbanization and commercialization, and I do not have problem with that. At least we know that our economy is moving if we are to consider that these activities are part of our development as a nation.

My problem is that these trucks ignore our basic traffic rules, thereby putting in great danger the safety and lives of other motorists and commuters alike.

Worse is that these traffic signs are unashamedly ignored, the concrete barriers for the “No-Turn” areas are deliberately disregarded, and our poor traffic enforcers, if there are any at all, are openly snubbed and disrespected.

It is no wonder why crimes and vehicular accidents continued to flourish in the road stretch. Oh, and the list of people who were killed or hurt is long and their stories are horrible, to say the least.

Road 10 is indeed not just a “killer highway” as it is also a “killer’s highway”!

Add to the horrendous traffic jam is the illegal terminal of UV Express vehicles along the Anda Circle, and all the way in front of the abandoned Manila Times building.

I wonder what the City Government of Manila and the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) are doing not only to ease traffic congestion along Road 10 but to ensure that motorists and commuters are safe to go home.

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