Insurgency-free declaration to boost tourism in Guiuan, Eastern Samar

THE Municipality of Guiuan, Province of Eastern Samar, known as the Surfing Capital of Samar Island, will soon experience a boon on tourism after it was declared an Insurgency-Free Municipality in a simple ceremony at Guiuan Municipal Hall just the other day.

Based on the Municipal Resolution number 24 series of 2012 jointly signed by Hon Analisa G Kwan, Municipal Mayor; Col Romeo L Labador, Brigade Commander, 801st Infantry Brigade and PCINSP Randy N Jongco, Chief of Police, the Municipality of Guiuan was declared as “Ready for Economic Development and Insurgency Free”.

In her message, Hon Kwan mentioned, “as we embark on our tourism program, we put emphasis on peace and order. Declaring Guiuan as ‘Ready for Economic Development and Insurgency Free’ will definitely boost our tourism program”

“I know that with this momentous occasion, more investors will come to our Municipality, the people of Guiuan will have a better life especially that there is peace and order in our locality, and with the help of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Philippine National Police and other men in uniform, we do hope that the negative perception of Samar will be changed and put in a brighter view” added

According to MGen Gerardo T Layug AFP, Commander, 8ID “the credit of declaring an area as Insurgency-Free Ready for Economic Development is not only for the military and the police but rather be given also to the local officials and the whole town for denouncing insurgency in the Municipality. I do believe that if the people do not want Insurgency, it will not prosper in the area”

Further, the Municipality of Guiuan, is a recipient of numerous awards to include the Seal of Good Housekeeping Award and Performance Challenge Fund Award of 2012.

Likewise, the Municapility of Salcedo, Eastern Samar was also declared as Insurgency Free Municipality on October 9, 2012 based on the Joint Declaration dated October 3, 2012 jointly signed by Hon Carmelita Sumayod and Col Romeo L Labador, Brigade Commander, 801st Infantry Brigade and PCInsp Marino Asor G Estonio, Chief of Police, Salcedo Municipal Police Station.

Last October 3 & 4, 2012, the Municipalities of Balangkayan, Taft and Maydolong all of Eastern Samar were also declared Manageable Conflict-Affected areas Ready for Development by the Local Chief Executives, Commander, 801st Infantry Brigade and Local Chief of Police.

The series of Joint Declaration of Municipalities in Eastern Samar as Insurgency-free and Development-Ready is part of the over-all strategic objective of the 8th Infantry Division to get the Local Chief Executives in the Region actively involved and assume primary responsibility in the Peace and Security Program in their locality.

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