Justice for the 16 Nurses in Taguig-Pateros District Hospital

THE Alliance of Health Workers (AHW) stands in Solidarity with our 16 Nurses colleagues who were fired from their jobs at the Taguig-Pateros District Hospital (TPDH) for expressing their opinion on the grave state of the said hospital’s health care delivery system.

What happened to these 16 colleagues of ours is a reflection on the collective injustice that Nurses are made to suffer. Massive unemployment has brought about the monster that is contractualization that feeds on the desperation of many from among our ranks to find a job, the  group said in a statement.

Instead of improving the situation of our health care delivery system by building more hospitals and hiring more tenured health workers, the Aquino government chose to strengthen contractualization by pushing for the privatization and corporatization of major publicly run hospitals and medical centers nationwide.

It stripped these hospitals of much needed funds like the Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses, Personal Services and Capital Outlay. Because of this, hospitals are forced to hire job order nurses to augment their workforce.

Also, the RN HEALS program which President Aquino raved in his last SONA is nothing but another sugar coated contractualization scheme where underpaid nurses are terminated after a year of service.

Contractualization is evil. It denies health professionals their dignity as tenured employees and their constitutional right to organize and mobilize (even online) to redress their just grievances. It treats workers as dispensable cheap labor. We must never allow this form of modern-day slavery to continue.

“We salute these brave Nurses and the volunteer doctor for exposing the dismal conditions of our hospitals,” the group said.

In a country where 7 out of 10 ill Filipinos die without any medical attention, it is our moral obligation as health workers to speak up and to criticize policies that hinder health care delivery and access to health of the poor.

The group called on their colleagues in the health care profession to follow suit and support the fight of our brothers and sisters in Taguig-Pateros and everywhere, the .

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