Katribu: Petition filed vs progressive party, a black prop

THE KATRIBU Indigenous Peoples Party dismissed as mere black propaganda but a dangerous  propaganda the red-tagging of the party list members of the  Makabayan coalition in the letter of complaint filed to Comelec by the dubious People’s Advocacy for Collaboration and Empowerment (Peace), New Guardians for Freedom and Democracy and Pro Democracy Foundation of the Philippines.

The KATRIBU Party is an indigenous people’s (IP) party list duly registered and accredited by the Commission on Election in 2009. We are a party formed and run by  IPs who aspire for the recognition and realization of our rights to ancestral lands and self-determination through the electoral,  legislative and democratic processes stipulated in the Philippine constitution.

The anti-communist rumblings of Peace and their cohorts come at height of the exposition of bogus party lists and the Malacanang-backed party AKBAYAN. They attempt  to confuse the people over the legitimate issues on the disqualification of  this Malacanang-backed, over-represented party in government while they harass our party and other progressive party lists with a baseless case that reek with anti-communist hysteria.

These organizations, the military and the Akbayan  party  parrot the same anti-communist, red-tagging offensive.

“We denounce the political vilification and red-tagging of our organization as a most dangerous propaganda. The red-tagging of our organization puts the very lives of our officers and members at grave physical risk  We experienced how IPs became victims of extrajudicial killings and human right violations (HRVs) when the  State’s  security  forces or their sponsored organizations vilify us,” the group said.

To date, there are now 30 cases of extrajudicial killings against the IPs.  We fear that when organizations like PEACE and their military handlers continue to put labels on us, more cases of HRVs against us  are bound to happen.

PEACE and their cohort s have no place in what we claim is a democratic society. Their anti-communist paranoia and Jurassic intolerance to progressive ideas and organizations remind us of the bygone Hitlerian, McCarthyist and Marcosian eras.

More disturbing, even President Aquino, in his recent New Zealand visit,  labeled progressive groups as ‘ultra left’ who are only  good at ‘propaganda’ on human rights.  President Aquino should take the lead and gag the  military and their civilian agents in their crazy anti-communist hysteria. The murders of  our 30 IP brothers, sisters and even children is not ‘propaganda’. We cannot allow another loss of life.

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