Lapaderang noo, super turned off!

INDEED it is true. You really cannot have the best of both worlds. If you are having a favorable career and on its ultra-high level, chances are, you are unlucky in love.

This actor/politician from the north is in no doubt victorious in his political career. He is now gearing on his second term in the office without any opposition, not even one. The upcoming campaign will definitely be a walk in the park for this actor/politician.

With regards to his career in the entertainment world, he is expecting a dream project coming from a big network very soon.

Our bida is also an intelligent and a smart individual, having saved a substantial amount of dough which is enough for him to live with his family and fulfill a good lifestyle.

He has no problem at all except for one, his lovelife. For years, zero ang kanyang buhay pag-ibig and he can feel a big vacuum in his heart and he is hoping that sooner than soon, this will be filled up by a would-be partner in life.

In our tete-a-tete over a dinner in a plushy resto in Kyusi, he intimated his extreme solitariness because of the absence of a partner in life.

He even suggested for us to introduce him to our decent single female friends, in or out of the biz. He actually sounds like a desperate guy.

He is on his early 50s but he can still give matinee idols of Kapamilya and Kapuso a run for their money. Guwapo, matipuno at maporma pa rin ang ating bida pero sad to say, malungkot ang kanyang lovelife, aaawww!

Anyway, he is a good friend and we are praying for him to meet a lifetime partner he truly deserves. Hindi naman talaga ‘yon hinahanap dahil kusa ‘yung dumarating, promise!


THIS is just an advice from a televiewer who regularly watch Pinoy programs kaya they can focus and zero in to the faces of our showbiz celebrities.

Napansin kasi ng televiewer na ito na laging tumitili si Chariz Solomon kapag on cam. Over acting raw kasi ang dating ng kanyang monologues to the dismay of this boobtube observer.

Sana raw ay bawasan ni Chariz ang kanyang pagiging overacting on cam dahil hindi na raw ito maganda panoorin at pakinggan and as a televiewer, she has all the right to have her opinion in public.

Isa pa, dahil daw sa kanyang pagiging OA ay hindi maiwasan na napapalapit siya nang todo sa camera kaya nakikita ang lapad ng kanyang noo na sa totoo lang ay hindi maganda sa teevee.

Maganda naman raw si Chariz kaya sana, e, ‘wag na niyang masyadong paglaruan ang kanyang presence sa camera.

And based from our actual observation, very obvious nga ang kanyang pagiging OA, bordering na to the sawa factor kaya kung gusto pa ni Chariz na dumami pa ang kanyang mga haters ay ibalandra pa niyang lalo ang kanyang noo sa camera. Hahaha!


FORMER MTRCB head Grace Poe Llamanzares should be be wary on mud slinging in the world of politics especially now that she pronounced her intention in running for a senate seat by filing her COC.

We gathered a report that by the start of the official campaign period, the dirty tricks department of her bashers will bring back the issue and question who her real parents are.

Publicly, alam natin na ang kanyang mga magulang ay sina Fernando Poe, Jr., at si Susan Roces kaya sino naman ka -ya ang tinutukoy na real parents ng kanyang mga bashers?


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