Malabon school executive suspended

THE Department of Education (DepEd) was just right as it has become more receptive to the complaints of teachers and parents alike on some crooked school su-periors who are supposed to instill values but are taking advantage of their positions for vested interest.

Take for example the swift action made by the DepEd-Na-tional Capital Region through Director IV Luz Almeda who ordered the three-month preventive suspension on Dr. Joven Ablola, Malabon School District 1 supervisor.

Records show that Dr. Ablola has been charged with grave misconduct pursuant to DepEd’s Revised Rules of Procedure for implementing an enforced collection of P15 from the schoolchildren of Grades II and IV in 2010-2011 and from schoolchildren in school levels beyond Grade IV after the first month of classes during the same school year under his turf.

Worse, the DepEd-NCR says, he even issued a memorandum directing the enforcement of the questioned collection notwithstanding the proscription against enforced contributions.

“Despite the  discontinuance of the collection of contributions, he (Ablola) failed to account for the amounts collected and he failed to return them to the schoolchildren or their parents without justification,” says Director Almeda in her order dated Oct. 5, 2012.

Whatever, the “smart” Ablola should have first consulted the teachers, school heads and parents concerned prior to the implemen-tation of the collection scheme which he didn’t, hence, the filing of the complaint against him until the agency’s order to suspend him for 90 days without salary.

And it’s a double whammy for the poor Ablola.

This writer was told that concerned local officials, specifically from the City Legal Office is studying the possible liabilities arising from the damage to the Isuzu Crosswind (SJF-599), issued to him by the city government while it’s in his possession and during his period of suspension.

The city’s general services department headed by Engr. Ruth Zenaida says Dr. Ablola should be held liable for the damages incurred since the vehicular incident occurred prior to the turn-over of the vehicle.

In the meantime, the vehicle, according to City Legal Officer Elvin Cruz, since it’s now in the possession of the local government can be assigned to another user in order to

maximize the use thereof.

Guilty Workers

It’s another way around. This time, the employees were found to have violated the Labor Code and they had to pay the price.

For failing to notify their employer, the Racal Motorsales Corp., 30 days before they decide to leave the firm for whatever reason they have, Melvin Chin, Joji Chin, Jayvien Chin, Roy Cadiente, Ludenil Depalas and Anecito Auri were ordered by the National Labor Relations Commission in San Fernando, Pampanga to pay the former some P158, 000.

Also, they were said to have plotted which resulted in the release of several motorcycle units even without the proper documents since they’re only after of the hefty “commission” they get.

They deserve it and the penalty must have been heavier.

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