Maximize sem break to register for upcoming polls – youth solon

LESS than three weeks before the voter registration deadline on October 31, Kabataan Partylist Rep. Raymond Palatino renewed calls for greater youth participation in the upcoming midterm elections.

The youth solon explained that college students should take advantage of the upcoming semestral break to register in their provinces.

“We are aware of logistical difficulties encountered by full time students. And there’s also the time restraint, as many students are still taking their final exams this week. But students should maximize the upcoming vacation period to register,” Palatino said.

“The youth remains to be a decisive force in the Philippine election, being almost a third of the overall voting population in the country,” Palatino added.

According to data from the National Statistics Office, the number of youths aged 18 to 30 is estimated at 20 million. “Not all of these youths are registered voters, and we need to ensure that they register and take part in the upcoming elections,” Palatino said.

“The youth sector must maximize our influence in the country’s political affairs by ensuring that this 20-million strong youth will all register and participate in enacting genuine change in the coming polls,” Palatino said

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