Muddling the issue on bridge project

BEFORE calling it a week, we note with bewilderment how two honorable members of Congress have publicly thrown mud at each other’s faces over the alleged anomalous bridge construction project entered into by the previous administration.

The project, known as the President’s Bridge Program, purportedly smacks of glaring irregularities that unduly enriched some people privy to the bridge construction project at the expense of the Philippine government.

But, Ang Kasangga Partylist Rep. Teodorico Haresco, if he is to be believed, retorted that there is nothing anomalous in the P111-billion bridge construction project that Sen. Serge Osmeña branded as the “grandmother of all scams.”

Instead, Haresco, who styles himself as the “bridge master,” alleged that Osmeña is merely trying to cover up for the dismal performance of UK-based Balfour Cleveland which cost the government millions of pesos in project overruns.

But if we are again to believe Haresco, it seems that both lawmakers are protecting foreign bridge contractors – Osmeña’s Balfour Cleveland, and Haresco’s Mabey & Johnson – on who between the firms has better record in terms of constructing bridges across the country.

The issue still got muddier when Haresco accused Osmeña of purportedly having an affair with a fellow Aklanon Maria Bettina Garcia said to be Haresco’s main opponent in Iloilo for a congressional seat in the midterm elections and who is closely identified with Osmeña.

Haresco further alleged that Osmeña even pays for Garcia’s airline tickets and hotel accommodation whenever she is in Manila to visit the good senator. “Parang telenovela ang dating,” a friend quipped.
According to Haresco, men go to war because women are watching.

Not quite, sir!

Men go to war for various reasons, not just because they wanted to impress their women and get into their skirts to show that they are brave enough to defend their country against foreign aggression. Hala!

If there is indeed war to wage, men will do what they have to do. Not just for women, and much less for money.  Men go to war because they want to protect their family, because they want to stand for what they believe in, because they want to protect their honor.

That is called principle motivated by his strong sense of civic duty to serve and protect their country, dear sir!

If there indeed no anomaly in the bridge project, as our honorable lawmaker pointed out, let the records show and prove his innocence.

But please let us not muddle the issue.

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