Nasilaw sa anda kaya nagwala si papa! (Hahahahaha!)

THIS young star is known to be economical with the truth (read: sinungaling) so here is the real deal straight from our intel who happens to be a close friend of their family. What her showbiz mother is narrating even contained half truth and half truth is often a whole lie because you can actually mislead people gaya nang nangyayari ngayon sa kontrobersiyal na isyu ng mag-ina sa dalawang male personalities.

According to our intel, this young star and the not so young male personality has been living in for quite a while (with the consent of her folk) until the arrival of this moneyed older male personality.

The mother and daughter tandem were shocked with the generosity of the older male persona, hence, the youngstar gave in to what the senior man desires to the extent that they almost forgot the existence of the not so young male personality.

Ayun at nagwala ang not so young male personality and the rest is history.

What we are actually pointing at is, our extremely reliable intel affirmed and swore to high heavens that the relationship of the older man and the young star na lagi rin naming pinagdidiinan noon pa is apparently the truth. Case closed, ‘di ba, attorney?


IDOL Robin Padilla is certainly a serendipitous guy for having Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla as a wife as she is definitely playing the real life role of an ever-supportive perpetual partner.

Mariel is so unselfish and forever generous in giving adherence to her husband without bringing in any kind of condition and that’s what you call a one-of-a-kind pure love. Aaawww!

Aba, most of the wives of showbiz royalties has the type of attitude of being concerned with oneself. ‘Yon bang hindi sila pumapayag na ang asawa lang nila ang sikat at successful sa career dahil gumagawa rin sila ng paraan para maka-epal and that is what you call a cupboard love na never na na-imbibe ng magaling na TV host.

Naku, we don’t need to name names dahil marami nito sa showbizlandia which is being tolerated naman ng mga taong nakapaligid dahil everybody has his own interest to gain from this kind of person.

Pero iba si Mariel. Kapag may pelikula si Binoe or bongga sa ratings ang kanyang TV program or kung nominated man siya bilang actor sa kung saan-saang award giving bodies, e, siya na mismo ang unang-unang natutuwa and excited without even thinking na sana, e, ganu’n din ang mangyari sa kanya.

The fact that her hubby is on the winning streak, e, super happy na si Mariel du’n na parang siya na rin ang nagwagi.

Hay, egocentric celebrity wives should learn a thing or two from Mariel on how to handle her man to have a lasting relationship.

On the other hand, mabuti naman at Robin is not that promiscuous guy that we knew way back at head over heels in love na siya sincerely kay Ms. Mariel.


GUYS from early 90’s should be very familiar with the band Introvoys where Paco Arespacochaga is one of the popular members as the band’s drummer with their hit song, Line to Heaven, remember? He’s also the estranged husband of Geneva Cruz.

Nabanggit lang namin ito dahil Paco is extremely active on social media posting every gigs and happenings in his place in the US of A but we remember a text message coming from a Fil-Am concert director who is based in Los Angeles, California, who intimated how temperamental he is at bukod ru’n, e, lagi pa raw siyang nale-late sa mga gigs.

Totoo ba ito, Pacs? Naku, kung ganyan ka ng ganyan, e, madaling kumalat ang balita at baka mawalan ka ng mga gigs sa Merika and the line to heaven will eventually be cut, sayang din ‘yon.

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