Threat to disqualify progressive partylist groups alarms Ocampo

BAYAN MUNA president Satur Ocampo raised serious concern over the repeated pronouncements of Commission on Election Chairman Sixto Brillantes that the Comelec is thinking of disqualifying “multisectoral” party in the party list elections.

Ocampo warned that the Comelec insistence on single-sector representation will lead to the disqualification of genuine party list groups like Bayan Muna and Anakpawis which represent two or more marginalized sectors. Bayan Muna is comprised of and represents marginalized sector as stated by the party list law. Anakpawis is composed of and represents workers, farmers and urban poor.

Ocampo argued that the move in the Comelec to limit the party list system to single sector representation and to disqualify party or group representing two or more marginalized sectors is tantamount to amending or violating the party list law.

“The party list law and the Supreme Court ruling in “Ang Bagong Bayani” allow the participation not only of sectoral groups but also political parties in party list elections if it truly represents the marginalized and underrepresented sectors. The Comelec cannot overrule the Supreme Court and the law,” Ocampo asserted.

“We laud the Comelec for its effort to cleanse the party list system of fake party list groups formed or used by multimillionaires and political dynasties. But we take exception to the idea to disqualify “multisectoral” party even if that party has been proven to be truly composed of and representing two or more or all the marginalized sectors,” added Ocampo.

Ocampo stated that “the litmus test of the cleansing process of the party list system is whether or not a sectoral, regional or political party truly represents the marginalized sectors as listed in the party list law and not whether a party represent only one or two or more marginalized sectors.

“The combination of workers, farmers and other marginalized sectors or groups in a political party or coalition to ensure success in elections is consistent with the letter and intent of the party list to empower the marginalized and underrepresented sectors,” Ocampo said.

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