Pixel Offensive, Bayan-NCR deny behind hacking of online media outfits

Our official statement:

WE, administrators of the Pixel Offensive Facebook page, categorically deny being behind the recent hacking incident of online media outfits. We are a collective of graphic designers, writers, independent media practitioners and youth activists.

While some view hacking as a form of protest as exemplified by the recent breaches in government websites, we, on the other hand, express our sentiments within the bounds of the law as guaranteed by our Constitution.

We do not view the media as our enemy. Quite the contrary, we view media as allies in the struggle for freedom of expression. The hacking of recent media outfits may cause divisiveness amongst our ranks which is something that we definitely do not aim for.

We are disturbed by this incident because this might be used as a basis to crack down on legitimate forms of dissent.

Junk the Cybercrime Law!

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