Public pressure most likely to repeal cyber law soon

I WATCHED with amusement as a fly hovered over and pestered Senator Angara no end during his press conference at the Kapihan sa Senado recently while he was answering a deluge of questions from the members of media on the contentious provisions of the cybercrime law.

The particular  law might see its end very soon if, just like the fly, the public continues to exert pressure on the legislature without let up.

In fact, even as it has yet to be officially implemented, some senators have started to placate the incensed public with assurances to either introduce amendments  to or repeal it.

Senator Angara assured the media that there was nothing to fear, and reminded them that they are the most privileged species on earth for possessing rights not enjoyed by everyone.

He said that for the countless times that he has depended media people for libel cases, not one has ever been convicted.

He said that this is because libel is so difficult to prove as it requires two elements for conviction: 1) that (the public and malicious imputation) is utterly false; and 2) that there is malicious intent.

Article 353 of the Revised Penal Code, however, cites three elements of libel: 1) imputation of a discreditable act or condition to another; (b) publication of the imputation; (c) identity of the person defamed; and, (d) existence of malice.

Asked why online libel had to be included in the law when, in fact, media has been clamouring for its decriminalization, Senator Angara replied that media is barking at the wrong tree, and that what needs to be done is to amend the Revised Penal Code.

The National Press Club (NPC) is not merely a fly but a bangaw, that, with it far reaching influence, would definitely put additional pressure on the legislature.

It is enjoined all freedom loving Filipinos to join the rally against the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 (RA10175) last Monday morning, October 8, 2012 at the Supreme Court and NPC grounds in Intramuros.

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