QC urban poor leaders condemn inhumane demolition of homes along BIR road

A NETWORK against demolition and force eviction, Alyansa Kontra Demolisyon, condemn the violent demolition of homes along BIR Road in Quezon City yesterday, citing the ‘overkill’ operation by the elements of Philippine National Police.

The PNP has shown a ‘grave abuse of authority’ according to the leaders.

Seven hundred elements of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) and Quezon City Police District (QCCPD) with SWAT operatives easily outnumbered the barricading residents composed of more than a hundred families. As early as 8am yesterday, demolition crew in civilian attires had passed through the physical barricade put up by the residents at BIR Road.

During the demolition, Leo Espiritu, a resident along BIR was arrested in detained in a BJMP vehicle until the demolition of homes is over. Another resident, Ramil Jamolon, was arrested by the police with his 5-month old baby as early as 8am.

According to Carlito Badion, national leader of Kadamay, the said demolition of homes this morning is illegal as there were no notices of demolition served to the residents.

“The QC LGU has been mentioning about a notice of eviction given last April the validity of which has long lapsed. They want to surprise the residents to avoid violent confrontation,” Badion said.

Also, the residents along BIR were offered by the National Housing Authority a relocation program in Kasiglahan Village in Rodriguez (Montalban), Rizal, which according to Badion was recently ordered by the LGU of Rodriguez closed to new relocatees from Quezon City and City of Manila citing the danger in the flood-prone relocation cites.

Meanwhile, some 50 evicted families have remained with their belonging along BIR. They rejected the offered relocation site in Rodriguez.

Worst place to live for an urban poor

Kadamay cited that 26 communities in Quezon City are listed among the QC LGU’s priority areas for relocation, with the community along BIR Road included.

More than 234,000 urban poor families in Quezon are about to lose their homes in the coming years as the QC LGU implements its ‘zero-informal settler’ program.

Alyansa Kontra Demolisyon has considered Quezon City as the worst place to live for an urban poor.

Anti-demolition summit

The said network is planning to gather  different urban poor groups in Quezon City  who are and will be facing threats of demolition in an anti-demolition summit entitled ‘Maralita ng Lungsod Quezon: Saan Ka Pupunta?: Pagtitipon ng mga maralita laban sa Zero-Informal Settler Program ng QC’ The said event which expects to gather some 200 urban poor leaders will be held in Claret College Semenary in Tandang Sora on Saturday, October 20.

According to Sisel Cari, chair of Kadamay Quezon City, “It’s about time for every urban poor in Quezon City to unite against the anti-poor policies of the Bautista administration.

“As Mayor Herbert Bautista, an unrivaled candidate in next year’s mayoralty election, remains in penchant of big businesses and ignorant of the rights of its urban poor constituents, the urban poor population of Quezon City is facing a violent future,” Cari added.

The QC urban poor leader called on the every urban poor to unite against the demolition rampage of the Bautista and the Aquino administration, especially when every machinery of the reactionary state is well in place to demolish our homes.

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