Seven tips for an environmentally-safe All Saint’s Day

AS the Philippines prepares for the commemoration of All Saint’s Day this week, Kalikasan Party-list encourages the public to help observe these seven simple tips and reminders for an environmentally-safe undas:

1. Use and reuse candles safely. Make sure that they are not left unattended at home or in the cemetery. Avoid placing them beside materials that can easily catch fire. Reuse old or leftover candles if possible.

2. Reduce waste. You can reduce the amount of waste by planning ahead for the long break. At the cemetery, food and drinks can be stored in reusable containers.

3. Prevent littering and use garbage bags. When in the cemetery, store any residual food waste, plastic wrappers, bottles, and similar discards in leftover paper bags or garbage bags. Don’t forget to segregate and dispose of these properly. Do your part in preventing the spread of litter by cleaning up after you go.

4. Don’t leave your home with any fire hazards. Before making that trip to the cemetery or to your hometown, make sure that your houses are free of any fire hazards. Turn off unnecessary switches and unplug power outlets.

5. Prepare for any trips beforehand and follow safety rules. Observe road safety and caution on the way to your destination.

6. Cultivate your sense of environmental awareness and responsibility everywhere you go, at all times. Encourage others in your family and community to do the same.

7. Light a candle for all slain environmental advocates. All Saint’s Day is a time to reflect on the lives of those who have gone before us. These include individuals who have given their time, talent and even their lives to protect the environment and the people’s welfare. Unfortunately, many environmental advocates (such as Leonard Co, Dr. Gerry Ortega, Fr. Pops Tentorio, Willhelm Geertman and most recently Juvy Capion and her sons) have been killed under the current administration. Light a candle as a gesture to support the call for justice.

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