Solon pushes decent burial for teachers who died in line of duty

TEACHERS who died in the line of service should be given a decent burial by draping the Philippine flag on their casket during the wake in recognition of their selfless service to the Filipino people.

This is one of the salient features House Bill 6527, which Agham Party-list Rep. Angelo Palmones authored to amend Republic Act 6470 or the Magna Carta for Public Schools Teachers.

Under the bill, public school teachers will be entitled to study leave for the period equal to the length of period specified in the curriculum of the school where the teacher is enrolled.

Likewise, teachers are also entitled to 100% of their monthly salary, provided that an additional semester’s leave with pay shall be granted to allow them to finish their thesis for graduate study in education or allied courses.

“The compensation allowed for the duration of the study leave shall be subject to the condition that the teacher takes the regular study load and passes at least 75% of their courses,” Palmones said.

Palmones said the bill seeks to recognize not only heroic deeds that public school teachers take upon themselves but also the need for them to upgrade their knowledge and skills, and retool their competence as part of the service for quality education.

Palmones said the State ensures that teaching will attract and retain its rightful share of the best available talents through adequate remuneration and other means of job satisfaction and fulfillment, as stated in the Philippine Constitution of 1987.

Likewise, Palmones said the State recognizes the major role and contributions of teachers in nurturing future leaders in public service and in business, especially those who went to public schools.

The State reiterates the appreciation and respect to the commitment, dedication and sacrifices of public school teachers. But the existing policy needs amendments to meet the continuing   needs of the country’s public school teachers, Palmones stated.

“There are other concerns needing priority attention, teachers particularly those in public schools do not receive the appropriate compensation that they deserve for services rendered,” Palmones said.

“Teachers particularly those stationed in far-flung areas where there is no public transportation have to walk several hours to reach their schools,” Palmones added.

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