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THE electorate can wisely and quickly choose from so many candidates seeking elective posts the best they believe would serve them with utmost dedication and sincerity, so easy because they know who perform well for them or are just using the positions for their vested interests.

Take for example in Valenzuela City where Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) spokesman Rep. Rex Gatchalian, who at young age of 33, is now virtually running unopposed for the mayoral race.

Congressman Rex has indubitably performed at par with his colleagues at the Lower Chamber where he either principally authored or co-authored numerous bills that were enacted into laws but the services he unselfishly extended to the city folks count a lot much more.

Working hand-in-hand with the elder brother, outgoing Mayor Sherwin “Win” Gatchalian, who by the way decides to run for Congress for the city’s District 1, which he (Rep. Rex) currently holds, the “incoming” city chief executive can certainly replicate or even surpass the superb performance of the incumbent mayor who’s been credited for various awards and citations the city government gets for good governance and transparency in public services.

According to him, he’s much ready to accept the challenge to govern and lead the city now that Mayor Win is on its third and last term and since he’s armed with support from the electorate, he vows to continue the programs that were started by the latter and, yes, introduce more to further transform Valenzuela into a more progressive and competitive city.

Of course, the race wouldn’t be as easy as others are expecting. The wife of incumbent and reelectionist (District 2) Rep. Magi, Adel, will challenge him for the city’s top post.

Many local political observers say Adel, who is a certified neophyte in the political arena, would just want to put excitement, if to some it would be an exciting one, in the mayoral race.

But to others, they think Rep. Magi would just want to show to the Gatchalians that he’s not easily giving up the fight and, besides, Adel’s entry can prepare herself for future political ambitions.

Nevertheless and for Rep. Rex, it was a welcome development that there’s another bet who seeks to be elected by the local electorate.

“Besides, we are in democratic country and everybody has the right to pursue what he or she wants in the name of public service and for sure the people of Valenzuela would like it that way,” Rep. Rex says.

The Gatchalian brothers said: “It is only in these past few years that the city is gaining its due recognition for all the hard work and sacrifices that we have shed. There are still so much more that needs to be done.”

With Councilor Shalani Soledad-Romulo pitting herself against Rep. Magi and re-electionist Vice Mayor Eric Martinez, the Team Valenzuela bets for councilors are Tony Espiritu, Cora Cortez, Marlon Alejandrino, Jenny Pingree-Esplana, Rovin Feliciano and Ricarr Enriquez (District 1) and Lai Nolasco, Lorie Natividad-Borja, Adrian Dapat, Martell Soledad, Kim Galang and Charee Pineda (District 2).

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