Thank you, Supreme Court

NOW that the Supreme Court issued a Temporary Restraining Order over the implementation of Republic Act 10175 (the Cybercrime Prevention Act), it is now the duty of every democracy loving Filipino to work for the per-manent repeal of this draconian law.

It would be wrong to think that we have already won as the reprieve that the high tribunal gave is good for 120 days only. The road ahead is still long, hard and littered with legal and political booby traps thus we have to persevere.

I am sure anti-democratic forces in our country will work hard to keep their law thus it is important that those directly engage in the legal defense of our democratic rights do their homework and present their arguments in a very convincing manner before the justices of the high tribunal.

Senator Edgardo Angara’s Cybercrime Prevention Act is proof that anti-democratic forces lurk in the dark waiting for opportunities to trample the democratic rights gained through the 1986 EDSA Revolution. Take note that except for Senator Teofisto Guingona III, all senators supported Angara’s totalitarian inspired law.

The hidden threats against our democratic way of life are the reasons why we should be vigilant in protecting the hard earned gains of EDSA. It is unfortunate and very revealing that President Benigno Simeon Aquino III, son of democracy icon

and late President Corazon Aquino, choose to side with the forces that her mother fought against.

Instead of strengthening the legacy of his mother, B.S. Aquino weakened it by agreeing to pass Angara’s Cybercrime Prevention Act.  Instead of pushing for the decriminalization of libel and the passing of the Freedom of Information Act, Aquino chose to do the opposite.

* * *

October 3, 2012 will be remembered in history as the day when freedom of expression in cyberspace died as this was the date when Angara’s law became effective, albeit still unenforceable for lack of imple-menting rules..

This date is comparable to Sept. 21, 1972 when Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law or March 21, 1933 when the German parliament passed the Enabling Act which effectively ended democracy in the Weimar Republic and ushered NAZI rule. Don’t forget it.

* * *

B.S. Aquino lost an opportunity to prove that he is really for the “tuwid na daan” for instead of choosing leaders that would really advance the people’s causes in his senatorial line up he and his allies chose “winnability” over true principled leadership.

I doubt if you find inspiring the senatorial line-ups of both administration and opposition groups. Old names, family relations, gimmicks etc… So what is new? Nothing and that is the tuwid na daan for us people.

* * *

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