That little Lucy

LUCY Liu, a movie actress based in the United States, told David Letterman that she does not run outdoors because she does want to become dark skinned and look like “little Filipinos.”

Liu, who starred in Charlie’s Angel and Ally McBeal among others, later apologized for the remark saying it was taken out of context. She stressed that she “would never insult another group or ethnicity.”

But could we really blame Liu for the slur when many among us despise the color of our skin? Have you ever noticed the numerous whitening skin products in the market today? What does that tell you?

Anyway, I suspect Liu made the comment not only because she does not want to have “dark skin” but perhaps she does not want to be identified with a race stereotyped by much of the world to be maids, laborers, and prostitutes. For this we have no one to blame but the government.

With an exceptional few, most Filipinos who go abroad end up being domestic helpers in Hong Kong and Singapore; butlers in Europe; caregivers in the United States; laborers in the middle east, lowly sailors in Greece and Norway; and entertainers (prostitutes) in Japan and Brunei. Yes, most of these are honest means of living albeit prone to physical and emotional abuses. However, these are not really desirable jobs since even the workers in the host countries shun these types of work.

But because of the government’s aggressive labor export program, we are fast becoming the most contemptuous race in the world. Everywhere in the world, we Filipinos are being subjected to race related humiliation.

We are apparently the most “immigration” scrutinized race on Earth and our government, with rare exception, is not even lifting a finger to do something about it.

The labor export program was started during the dictatorial regime of Ferdinand Marcos as a temporary measure to find work for jobless Filipinos.

Unfortunately this immoral policy became not only permanent but institutionalized. All Presidents since Corazon Aquino regrettably choose to continue this Marcos legacy. We could expect more racial slurs in the future.

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It is sad that the obviously communist group Anakbayan had to resort to heckling the partylist group Akbayan during a recent press conference after they ran out of reasons in their ideological debate.

By choosing to go barbaric and without any sense of decency, Anakbayan only showed the bankruptcy of their communist ideology. I am afraid to contemplate what would happen if these reds, masquerading as nationalist elements, would be at the helm of power.

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For all those who love Psy’s Gangnam Style please be informed that it has nothing to do with gangs or the hooliganism shown by Anakbayan.

Gangnam is an affluent and stylish place in South Korea similar to New York’s Fifth Avenue, Tokyo’s Ginza or Makati’s Ayala Commercial Center.

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