Trillanes pushes for Anti-Epal bill

SENATOR Antonio Trillanes on Sunday pushed for the enactment of an “Anti-Epal bill” or a measure that seeks to eradicate the unethical practice among public officials of claiming credit for various public works projects funded by taxpayers’ money.

“This measure was put forward in relation to the prevalent unethical practice among our public officials who affix their names and/or pictures to announcement of projects which were funded or facilitated through their office, despite the fact that these projects were funded using the taxpayers’ money,” Trillanes said.

“This practice in a way promotes corruption among our officials and projects a wrong sense of accomplishment among the constituency,” added Trillanes, who chairs the Senate Committee on Civil Service and Government Reorganization.

The bill prohibits the “practice of affixing name, initials, logo, or image of a public official to a signage announcing a proposed, on-going or completed public works projects, as well as installing signage announcing the maintenance, rehabilitation, construction of public works crediting individual public officer, bearing his or her image.”

Trillanes explained that the Department of Public Works Highways, in coordination with the Department of the Interior and Local Government, and the Metro Manila Development Authority, will be put to task in taking down billboards and posters under his proposal.

The proposed measure also provides for the imposition of administrative charges against the designated officers of agencies who will refuse to and comply with the law.

Senate Bill No. 3310 is the consolidated version of the bills filed by Senators Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Francis Escudero.

“With this measure, it is hoped that our public officers will serve with utmost responsibility, integrity, honesty and efficiency,” Trillanes said

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