Uncertain basis of truth

DESPITE the unexpected 6.4 percent growth of our Gross Domestic Product in the first quarter of this year, our economy remains founded on uncertain footing as its main claim to growth is based only on the fragile service sector and the fluctuating remittances of Overseas Filipino Workers.

Our economy is so dependent on external economic factors that we cannot claim any certainty on our economic future especially now that the global economy is floundering.

Note that despite the expansion of our GDP, our industrial and agricultural sectors, the twin pillars of a strategic and stable economy, are experiencing negative growth.

This is the reason why our imports outpace our exports. We are fast becoming a nation of consumers dependent on the international markets. We are fast becoming hostages of international conglomerates.

Our current situation is extremely worrisome especially if the slowdown in the demand for Filipino laborers abroad is taken into account. The return of more than 200 Filipino workers from war torn Syria, who will join the ranks of the local unemployed, is a portent of the things to come.  Imagine what would happen if those returning is not just hundreds but by the thousands.

Ironically the much ballyhooed GDP growth is in fact an indictment of the failure of government to provide decent paying jobs or create conditions for the same here.

There would be no OFW had our government leaders, past and present, remained true to their oath to serve the Filipino nation with the devotion equal to that of a father of the family.

Once the demand for labor abroad really slows down, we will be forced to borrow money from foreign lending institutions like the International monetary Fund and the World Bank and we will be in a debt trap furthering the misery of our people.

It is not too late though. The government could still start an industrial revolution and take steps to strengthen the agricultural sector. This way we will have a fallback position should the world economy stumbles. We will have the resources and wealth to continue our way of life and food on the table to sustain our people.

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President Benigno Simeon Aquino III remains lukewarm in supporting the passage of the Freedom of Information Act but curiously aggressive in passing and defending the anti-libertarian Republic Act 10175 (the Anti-Cybercrime Prevention Act).

It is ironic that the president, son of democracy icon and late President Corazon Aquino, who benefitted from the 1986 EDSA Revolution that ushered in a new era of bourgeois democracy now supports what is clearly a dra-conian law.

B.S. Aquino, I was told by some people who knows him, is wary of the FOI because he believes that as it is, the media is already too powerful. This is very revealing.
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