Urban poor group slams Aquino’s ‘innocent image’ on HRVs

AN urban poor group was irate after President Benigno Simeon Aquino III said an uncalled for comments against his critic as he applauded a recent Vatican decision in elevating Manila Archbishop Antonio Tagle as cardinal.

“Now, my only worry is if I praise him, will he be criticized because I praised him and the church as people who are against me? Maybe I can add, hopefully, Cardinal Tagle, my praising you will not get you into the bad light of certain people who think always ill of me,” Aquino said in an interview with media.

Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (Kadamay) asked the president to stop giving tangential answers but instead face the issues raised by his critics squarely. During his state visits to Australia and New Zealand, Aquino was questioned over the rampant human right violations in the country that his government allegedly condones.

The group also claimed that Aquino is only good at projecting an innocent image of himself, while his tyranny crawls throughout the nation.

“We, the urban poor, have always considered him as a president no different if not worse than his predecessor who should now be in jail. We have our own experiences to cite to show how a human right violator he is as president,” said Kadamay national secretary-general Gloria Arellano.

Kadamay cited that not less than 16,000 families have lost their homes due to Aquino’s demolition rampage in urban poor communities. “The number is rising because his government is the main perpetrator behind these attacks,” said Arellano.

Kadamay also accounted not less than eleven leaders and members of Kadamay who were killed due to housing disputes since Aquino assumed his post as president. The group pointed out that it is the authorities who are behind most of the killings.

“In Metro Manila, we have lost at least eight of our urban poor leaders and members who fought against the demolition of their homes. Not even the Arroyo administration with the butcher Jovito Palparan have dared touch our leaders in the National Capital Region as the Aquino government has done in the past years,” Arellano said.

“We will not remain silent amidst all the human right violations of the Aquino government against the Filipino people. We will remain in our call to oust this villain who is sitting in Malacanang,” Arellano ended.

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