Urban poor group slams post-All Saint’s Day wage hike

THE urban poor group Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (Kadamay) is irate over the P10 wage hike for Metro Manila earners after the All-Saint’s Day.

The group said such hike is a big insult to the poor workers and rank-and-file government employees who for decades have lobbied the government for P125 daily wage hike and P6,000 monthly increase in their salary, respectively.

“Aquino clearly doesn’t see the real picture on how the poor are suffering under his administration. The new P10 wage increase is very insignificant relative to the P567 difference between the P993 daily cost of living in Metro Manila and the old minimum wage of workers,” said Gloria Arellano, Kadamay national secretary-general.

According to the group, the new wage hike is very insignificant as well relative to the price increases of basic commodities that the government has been inutile to address, primarily of food.

“Will it have remarkable impact on the record-high hunger and poverty that the Aquino administration is not able to address? Certainly not,” the urban poor leader added.

As long as the government fails to implement a national industrialization program that is free from the dictates of neoliberal policies, the thirty-two million urban poor Filipinos will remain poor as ever, the group said. Such will ensure a better working condition, regular employment and enough earnings for the millions of poor workers.

Meanwhile, Kadamay calls on the Aquino government to junk the labor-flexibilization scheme that has created an army of poor contractual workers who earns below than the minimum wage, an amount enough for them to feed their family, and go back to work the next day.

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