Use reserve fund of PhilHealth to build public health care centers, clinics – Solon

THE absence or scarcity of public health care centers and clinics especially in the countryside which makes access to health care services difficult for people living in these areas prompted a lawmaker to propose the expansion of health care infrastructure all over the country.

Rep. Arthur C. Yap (3rd District, Bohol) said the lack of funding by the national government for the construction of more health care facilities has made the problem of easy access to health care services difficult to address.

In House Bill 6447, Yap proposed the utilization and appropriation of a portion of the reserve fund of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth).

“Government owned and controlled corporations like the PhilHealth can be sought to provide assistance. PhilHealth reported a net reserve fund of more than P100 billion,” Yap said.

The bill amends Section 27 of Republic Act No. 7875, otherwise known as the “National Health Insurance Act of 1995,” which states that fifty percent of the amount of the Investment Reserve Fund shall be automatically earmarked to augment the Department of Health (DoH) health facilities enhancement program and shall be known as the “Expanded Public Health Care Infrastructure and Services Fund.”

“Fifty percent of this amount would go a long way in developing and expanding to the poorest of the poor Filipinos free public health infrastructure and services,” Yap said.

The bill further provides that the poorest municipalities and barangays without or without sufficient public healthcare infrastructure and services shall enjoy priority in funding.

Yap said the operations of such health facilities shall be operated by the barangay government under the joint supervision of the DoH and PhilHealth after its construction.

“With the passage of the bill, the right of the people to good health is protected,” the solon from Bohol said.

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