Why Senate employees are happy with Enrile

BASED on his autobiographies, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile became successful by doing a magnificent job with his life under incredibly difficult conditions.

However, the attribute that is most recognized by Senate employees in the man whom they consider to be their best Senate President thus far is not only his generosity but his propensity to empathize with ordinary workers, an ability to look at life from the workers’ point of view, and to identify with and enter into their feelings and emotions.

In his speech during the recent launching of his book “Juan Ponce Enrile – A Memoir,” he said, “As I struggled toward the steep and difficult ascent to social re-cognition, I had to surmount the almost impregnable barriers of poverty and ignorance.

The pain and despair of the oppressed, I knew only too well, for I was one of them.

Their anguish and dis-enchantment, I felt myself.

Like them, who belong to the social class whence I came, I also raised my voice against the privileged, the powerful, and the influential.

I knew what injustice meant, and I yearned to right the  wrongs  that  I  encountered along my way.

Samahan ng mga Empleyado sa Nagkakaisang Adhikain Demokratikong Organisasyon (S.E.N.A.D.O.) President Roselle Eugenio aptly summarizes the Senate President’s ability to show such positive attribute.

Senate President Enrile, she said, shows not merely sympathy but empathy.

He does not only take pity on the employees but also understands what they are going through.

He does not merely feel sorry for them but feels with them and understands both the content of what they are telling him and feeling on a personal level the emotion that they are communicating.

Under Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile’s watch, a Collective Bargaining Agreement was signed in 2010 granting multiple monetary and non-monetary benefits to Senate employees such as flexible time, free medical consultation and hospitalization in various hospitals nationwide, and legislative and other leave privileges.

Kudos to JPE!

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