13 Western Mindanao cops faces termination for cheating

THIRTEEN more policemen from the Western Mindanao office are facing termination from the police the service for alleged cheating in examination administered by the National Police Commission (Napolcom) last year.

Western Mindanao police director, Chief Supt. Napoleon Estilles, said the Napolcom has issued a resolution that invalidated the results of promotional and entrance examination that were conducted in Zamboanga City last April 17, 2011.

In the said resolution, the Napolcom invalidated the results of entrance examination of some 386 examinees due to statistical improbability of homogenous patterns of wrong answers, the police official said.

“Due to this case, the eligibility of the respondents who were already appointed to the police service was revoked as indicated in the dismissal decision recommended by the command,” Estilles said.

Those to be terminated from the service are PO1s Djona Ansing Genorosa, Felix Josephius Pascual, Lloyd Cayacap Luchana, April Rose Alvendar Denopol, Grege Montallana Lagare, Ralph Shemuel Daya Supnet, Daniel Audy II Dayap Talpis.

Others were PO1s Al-Najib Hadjula Ujaji, Fermuzaina Umda Joel ESpina Aliser, Jilhani Mohaimen Dalongenes, Nohasim Yusop Sakilin, and Raymond Gravino Sumonglay, the police official said in a statement.

Estilles said sufficient evidence gathered became the ground for dismissal of the thirteen policemen such as dishonesty which was intentionally done by the respondents is tantamount to fraud and deception.

The police official said securing the results of the examination in the police service through fraud and deception is a clear violation of the code of conduct and discipline of the police organization.

“All of the respondents were given the due process, they were notified of the complaint against them, they executed affidavits and attended the hearing but the termination board found them guilty of the culpable violations of dishonesty,” Estilles said.

Napolcom is the agency tasked to conduct qualifying entrance examination for the PNP has the power and authority to weed out anyone who undermines the sanctity and integrity of the police examinations.

“I have recommended to the Termination Board to act on this matter and they have conducted a lawful termination procedure which is a consequence that those dishonest policemen should face,” Estilles said.

The termination proceeding in finality is the summary administrative proceedings for the thirteen accused policemen who were proven not qualified in the PNP service for want of the required eligibility as their NAPOLCOM examination results were declared invalid due to dishonesty.

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