A clampdown on unsafe billboards

CONCERNED officials of the Quezon City government are on the right track and it’s good that they’re doing it with firmness before these unsafe billboards and other similar structures that are stalled especially along EDSA could damage other properties or worse result in loss of lives.

The initiative of the city officials led by City Building Office chief Isagani Verzosa deserves praises when he directs the local task force to conduct massive inspection of all outdoor billboards particularly along the major thoroughfares as he vows not to hesitate to issue notices of demolition for those violating the city ordinance.

According to Mr. Verzosa, the task force composed of a licensed engineer and three other personnel will look into the documentary and safety compliance of either the billboard operators or building owners or administrators.

This is pursuant to Ordinance SP-2109 or the Comprehensive Signs and Signboard Ordinance, in putting up roof or wall billboards.

“You go around EDSA, take photographs of the billboards, look for the operators, abuilding owners or administrators to check their compliance, and then issue notices of violations. Take quick actions to protect lives and properties if unsafe billboards are found,” he instructs the task force members.

For those who violate to respond to the notices will have their illegal or unsafe billboards dismantled, according to the city building chief who says that the local government is giving those with permits 30 days to comply with the implementing rules and regulations (IRRs) of Ordinance SP-2109.

“We want to ensure that signs and sign structure do not pose a threat to peace, health, welfare and safety of the public, especially during rainy season,” said the building official as he reported that there are over 500 billboards all over the city.

Flood-Proof Valenzuela Hospital

Finally, residents especially those in the poor sector now have a hospital called the Valenzuela City Emergency Hospital which can attend to their medical needs unhampered owing to its construction which was designed to be flood-proof.

Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian takes pride of the city-funded P120-million 50-bed capacity hospital along with other several completed landmark projects to boost its health and social welfare services programs.

The new primary healthcare facility, which will officially start serving under the management of the city government on December 1, features modern services and equipment such as ultrasound, x-ray, laboratories, emergency and normal delivery room and a dialysis division with six machines to cater to local residents, especially to the city’s indigent patients.

Car-Free day

It’s not a bad idea for the motorists to consider leaving their cars at home for a day and use public transport and bikes in a determined bid to reduce carbon emissions and conserve energy resources.

Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Ramon Paje leads others in encouraging car owners to consider using alternative modes of transportation such as cycling, walking or taking public transport.

Why don’t we give it a try? A car-free day, it’s a day of reflection for health, human life and the environment, let’s all stand up for our right to breathe clean air.

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