After Ondoy and Habagat, what’s next?

I fear for what is in store for the Philippines.

When Congress tried to pass the RH Bill in September 2009 and in August 2012, Heaven responded with a deluge near the institution the bill was originating from. (Both Ondoy and Habagat floods came from the Marikina water-shed and down the Marikina River.)

The House accepted the substitute RH Bill in plenary Monday.

Once it is passed, what chastisement will Heaven punish us with?

Please, Lord, not with the big one from the fault line.

If ever, please let me be with my family when it happens.

The Bible is full of stories of how the Lord unleashes  His wrath on His stubborn people.

Pro RH Bill proponents may be the majority in Congress, media, etc…but remember, a majority was also responsible for choosing Barabas and demanding that Jesus Christ be crucified.

It was a majority that installed GMA into office in 2001.

So you see, the majority is not always right.

The Apostles and other followers of Christ were a tiny minority then.

They were persecuted — rebuked, shamed, stoned, burned at the stake, fed to the lions, etc.

Where are you now?

On what side are you now?

Are you on the side of the majority asking that Jesus be crucified?

Or, are you on the side of those willing to stand up (and suffer the consequences) for what their faith teaches (though how unpopular it may be)?

Please ponder on this, dear readers.

Ask yourself … is your God, a God that will allow you to mess around with His creation?

Or is He a God of Love that will provide for you and your family’s needs as long as you are in a state of Grace?

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