Ang nagmamataas ay ibinababa!

IF you take God’s blessings for granted, chances are, it will dry up and disappear.

This is actually the life status of this former matinee idol who is secretly begging for alms from close friends and currently living on a day to day basis for his daily needs, without exaggeration.

Yap, he is soliciting discreetly from his close friends because of his pride which is, as of the moment, in it’s uppermost level but in due time, we are pretty sure that he is going to lower down his ego if he is already at the brink of biting the bullet.

In the mid-90s, this matinee idol is at his peak earning an honest to goodness great amount of dough from his innumerable projects.

E, medyo minalas ‘yata sa lovelife si mokong at hindi naging maganda ang takbo ng kanyang buhay bilang isang family man kaya pati ang kanyang kaunting naipon at napundar, naubos.

Our intel disclosed that this matinee idol avoided his friends and close relatives and for some time, lived alone dahil sa kanyang naging problema sa pamilya at dahil walang kinikita, ayun, naubos ang kanyang lifetime savings.

Ala-Richard Gomez ang dating ng pagiging suplado ng aktor na ito who is currently on a terrible bind. JR ang initial ng kanyang pangalan….getz?


ATTY. Ferdie Topacio is, in effect, bringing in the olive branch towards Bea Binene with his statement about forgetting the word war, settling things down over dinner, expressing a gesture of peace so that all of them can move on without the legal battle.

But Bea’s mom is adamant in not giving in on the “peace talk” offered by Atty. Ferd’s party. Lumalabas tuloy na nagyayabang ang mommy ni Bea while Atty. Ferdie is humility personified dahil sa kanyang ginawang pagpapakumbaba, considering his stature in the legal world.

Truth is, the best thing to do is to communicate, settle things amicably and move on pero ayaw magpaawat ni mommy at nag-dialogue pa raw na uunahin niya munang harapin ang demanda against the entertainment press na tumira raw nang walang habas sa anak niya at si Atty. Ferds daw ang kanyang isusunod. How inconsiderate!

Siguro tama lang na itinuloy ni Atty. Ferds ang kanyang demanda against the Binene and also, Bea’s mom should learn how to eat her humble pie once in a while dahil ang mga nagmamataas ay ibinababa, tandaan sana niya yan.


MARIEL Rodriguez confirmed the pronouncement of Willie Revillame in Wil Time Big Time about the very last episode of the said Kapamilya program come January 5 but she turned mum when asked about her plans after WTBT.

We can still remember that from Kapamilya network, she transferred to channel 5 due to her loyalty to the highest degree for Papa Will pero ano kaya ang ibig sabihin ni Papa Willie nang sinabi niya na ‘yung mga mawawalan ng trabaho, e, dapat na maghanap-hanap na as of this early?

Hindi lang si Mariel ang lumipat sa WTBT dahil sa loyalty kundi ‘yung iba ring mga celebrities kasama ang mga production staff kaya paano na ‘yon?

Honestly, we are not alarmed for Mariel after WTBT because we know for a fact that she is a talented host that even the Kapuso or Kapamilya network can hire her back and this unfortunate event can result into something positive.

Marami pang kuwento ang lalabas sa announcement na ‘yon ni Willie kaya abangan na lang natin.

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