ARMM is now just a text away

THE Autonomous Regional  Government is now literally just a text away.

The Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao under the leadership of OIC – Governor Mujiv Hataman added another milestone to the history of ARMM with the launching of “ARMM TXT Hotline.”

The ARMM TXT hotline or 391- ARMM (2766) is a new mobile service that lets ARMM constituents or the general public to obtain information about activities, upcoming events, and services in the region using Smart or Talk-and-Text mobile services.

This is intended to cater to those who do not have access to the internet yet have the mobile phone.

Services include access to the latest news and happenings and weather forecast in the region.

Aside from being an information provider, the texting hotline can also serve as a reporting hotline where valid concerns, complaints and requests can be directed to and be given appropriate action thereof.

For Globe and other network users, the hotline will also be made available to their network soon.

For news updates, ARMM constituents can key-in ARMM (space) NEWS (e.g. ARMM NEWS) and then send to 3912766.

They can also text the words WEATHER (space) name of the province (e.g. WEATHER LANAO) and send to the same number to get the latest weather information and forecast.

For complaints, reports, inquiries and other important concerns related to the region, just type (SHARE/ INQUIRE/ COMMENT/ REPORT) (space) CONTENT OF YOUR MESSAGE (space) (your complete name and email  address if available) and send to the hotline number
3012766. (e.g. (REPORT) I would like to report that the Superintendent of Division III of Province A collected unnecessary fees among teachers. (Aisah Moro,
For more information regarding the ARMM TXT Hotline, visit the official website of the region:

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