Bayan Muna: Sec. Alcala’s coco levy fund proposal is prone to corruption

BAYAN MUNA Muna Rep. Neri Javier Colmenares criticized Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala position not to distribute the coco levy funds won by coconut farmers recently so that it can be used for the industry as a whole.

“First, Sec. Alcala should know that the money is not his and therefore its disposition is not for him to decide.  He probably failed to see it, but while he finds useless and without impact the distribution of the funds to individual farmers,  he supports the conditional cash transfer of more than 70 Billion pesos to individuals who do not even own the cash. If Sec. Alcala is courageous enough to follow through his analysis we challenge him to publicly criticize the CCT policy of Pres. Benigno Aquino and DSWD Sec. Dinky Soliman and declare the CCT as a useless economic tool that will not benefit the country,” said the progressive solon.

“Unlike the CCT however, Sec. Alcala should know that the coco levy funds actually belong to the farmers and must be therefore distributed to them.  His idea of withholding funds for “the coconut industry” is another lump sum fund that will end up in corruption or mis-prioritization.  His promise of “developing the industry” and “trickle down benefits” were the same promises made by Marcos and his cronies to the farmers 30 years ago.  If he pushes through with this plan, we assure him  a major, major  scrutiny on all COA reports on his department and a major major scrutiny on his budget next year” threatened Colmenares.

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