Casiño calls on NTC to sanction Globe, Smart

PARTYLIST representative and Makabayan senate bet Teddy Casiño called on the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to “commence performing its job as the government regulator of telecommunications services by effecting sanctions on telecommunications companies for their poor service.”

“The NTC has yet to give any sanction to any telco, be it Smart or Globe, for lost load credits, dropped calls, undelivered text messages, unwanted data/promo downloads and atrociously slow broadband services. In fact the NTC quality benchmark test on Globe and Smart only gave the two telcos another reason to gloat that their services are “at par” when there are complaints of poor service nationwide,” Casiño said.

The NTC recently conducted a network benchmark test comparing the Grade of Service (GoS) and overall signal quality of both Globe and Smart against the NTC Cellular Mobile Telephone System (CMTS) standards in 16 cities in Metro Manila.

“While the said NTC action was brought about by the mounting complaints of bad telco services, the results do not give an iota of relief for any of the 94 million subscribers in the country. Where is the NTC relief for those who were victimized by missing/stolen load, slow connections, disconnected calls, undelivered text messages and sloppy broadband services?” Casiño said.

Historically, every NTC initiative or order has been ignored by the telcos, including the NTC directive to lower their regular text rates to P0.80 from P1 last year.

“This is a case of a duly authorized government agency (the NTC) that refuses to exercise its mandate to enforce regulation and impose sanctions on the telcos for bad services. What the people need is not benchmark test technocratese but quick action by the government regulator,” he stressed.

“The NTC must come out with practical solutions and sanctions to impose on telcos so that subscribers will get their hard-earned money’s worth. Otherwise, the NTC is a toothless agency while Globe and Smart executives laugh daily all the way to the back with millions of profits earned from poor services to its subscribers,” Casiño said.

Casiño is the author of HB 5653 titled “The Mobile Phone Subscribers Act” or “An Act Promoting the Rights of Mobile Phone Subscribers by Regulating Prices, Requiring Telecommunications Service Companies to Provide Detailed Billing of Prepaid Credits, Number Portability, Lowered Pulse Rate, and other Service Improvements.”

Globe earned a total of P71.6 billion in “consolidated operating revenues in 2011.” Smart’s raked in a P31.7 billion as “reported net income” with P18.8 billion coming from broadband and internet services, in 2011.

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