Casiño submits documents pointing to PAGCOR bribery

PARTY-list Rep. Teddy Casiño today submitted documents pointing to the alleged bribery to Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) officials concerning the so-called Entertainment City.

The lawmaker submitted the documents listed below to the House Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability as well as the Games and Amusement Committee:

1) Future Fortune registry – This is a registry of Future Fortune at a certain time. Though this is publicly available to anyone through a public database in Hong Kong this document is important because it establishes the location of Future Fortune (the vehicle through which the $40 million was passed from Universal to the Soriano firms).

2) People’s Technology registry – This document establishes the location of People’s Technology, which was the end recipient of $5 million of the $40 million total transferred out of Aruze USA accounts. This shows that Rodolfo Soriano is the sole shareholder of the company since Nov 17, 2009 meaning he has complete control over the company and the ability to access the company’s bank account (and receive the $5 million).

3) Subic Leisure and Management registry –This document establishes the location of Subic Leisure, which was the receptacle for $35 million of the $40 million in payments. Being registered in the British Virgin Islands, there is no requirement to disclose the shareholders or directors. Our sources though told us that Soriano also controls this firm.

4) Hida lawsuit – This is a lawsuit filed against Mitsuo Hida at the Tokyo District Court. This is important because it establishes that the company is saying there is a $5 million payment out of its bank account on May 18 that went overseas. Our sources said that this $5 million was transferred to People’s Technology, Soriano’s firm. With this lawsuit Universal is trying to say that Hida acted on his own in sending the money. Hida of course contests this charge, saying he was only acting on orders of Okada.

5) 3 person lawsuit – This is a lawsuit against 3 former employees, one of which is Hida. This is important because the company is saying $10 million was taken out of the Aruze account in late April and transferred to Subic Leisure and Management on May 3. This establishes the Subic link. Universal is saying these three men made this transfer on their own, without proper company approval.

“We hope that these documents would help in jumpstarting the hearing on Wednesday and would unearth more evidence on the said irregularities and lead to the immediate suspension of the project,” ended Casiño.

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