Filipinos to persist struggle vs US intervention, exploitation

ANAKPAWIS Rep. Rafael Mariano said US President Barack Obama’s re-election effectively prolongs US’ increasing economic, political and security interests in the Philippines.

“For ordinary Filipino workers and farmers, the recently concluded US polls will only seal another four years of master and lackey relationship between the US and Philippine governments.”

“It only means continued US stranglehold on the Philippines, in terms of economy, politics, military and culture. It only means further exploitation of our people through Aquino’s policies favoring foreign interests — two-tiered wage system, large-scale mining, prevention of genuine land reform, among other anti-people programs.”

“Both Obama, his challenger Mitt Romney, and their respective parties aim to resolve the worsening US economic and financial crisis by exploiting the American working people and US’ neo-colonies, including the Philippines,” Mariano said.

“US will definitely pursue its strategic interests in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region. Filipinos must be always ready to resist US military presence and intervention in our national affairs.”

“For Obama, the Philippines serves a key role for the maintenance of US control in Southeast Asia and President Benigno Aquino III’s submissiveness to US interests puts our country and people at a disadvantaged position.”

Mariano said the US’ increasing military presence in the country must be a cause of alam and resistance by Filipinos. “Aquino allowed virtual basing of US troops in the country. We must protest and wage a national struggle against US’ continuing infringement on our national sovereignty and patrimony.”

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