Group condemns US-backed Israeli air strikes against the Palestinian people

MIGRANTE International condemns in strongest terms the US-backed Israeli air strikes that killed Palestinians, mostly half of them civilians including women and children, destroyed houses to rubbles and wounded more than 750 others. Israel had fired missiles at over 1,300 locations in Gaza since November 14.

Migrante International calls on the Philippine government to strongly condemn  the brutality of Israel’s  air strikes  against the Palestinian people in Gaza. Migrante International also calls on all freedom-loving Filipinos and peoples to call for a stop to the missile attacks and ground troops invasion.

The Palestinian people have long been fighting for their homeland and their struggle for national sovereignty should be supported and respected. We express our solidarity with the Palestinian people for their struggle to fight for their rights to land and nation.

President Aquino must make its stand against Israel aggression that is backed by the US. Failure to do this proves his complicity to US’ shadowing of Israel’s war of aggression in its occupied territories in Gaza for its self-serving interests.

Lastly, while the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) states that they are ready to evacuate OFWs in danger, the government is yet to come out with a clear blueprint on how to evacuate our distressed compatriots. Migrante International calls on President Aquino to fulfill his urgent duty of ensuring the safety and protection of OFWs in the Gaza strip and Palestine.

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