Group slams privatization of public hospitals

WHERE do our taxes go?”

This was the question posted by Anakpawis Partylist as they slammed the planned privatization of public hospitals.

“By privatizing public hospitals, this administration removes us our basic right to accessible health care which we have paid through enormous, burdening and even questionable taxes. It is our very right to expect that this government would use our taxes to treat us when we are sick.” Anakpawis Executive Vice President Joel Maglunsod said.

“We cannot allow Aquino to turn social services such as public hospitals into private businesses and hospitals for the rich. We are nothacienderos like Aquino. When sick, we do not go to Saint Luke’s or any private hospital we can’t afford. Ordinary workers, peasants and urban poor go to public hospitals because these are where we believe our taxes went” he added.

No budget?

The militant partylist questioned the Aquino government for using the lack of funds to justify the planned privatization.

“How can the Aquino administration tell the Filipino people that there are no funds when they are actually willing to spend 70 billion pesos more on guns and ammunitions than on hospitals and medicines?” Maglunsod said.

“The problem is not the lack of funds. The problem is if these funds are used for the benefit of the people” he added.

Maglunsod cited President Aquino’s 2013 budget message which proposed a P121.6 billion budget for the Department of National Defense while proposing only a budget allotment of P56.8 billion for the Department of Health.

Anakpawis also hit the government’s justification that the planned privatization would help improving health care service in the country saying upgrading hospitals and improving health services should not be at the expense of the poor.

“We are not against the improvement of health care service. In fact, that is what the government should do to better serve the people. But it should not be at the expense of the poor. Aquino is just using this to justify profiteering schemes of private big businesses” Maglunsod said.

“After all, what’s the use of improved health service, upgraded and world-class hospitals if the people would still die staring at them because they can’t afford it?” he added.

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