IWA demands immediate stop on Israel’s attack on Gaza

THE International Women’s Alliance (IWA) highly condemns the brutal airstrikes launched by Israel on Gaza targeting civilian areas and social infrastructures, resulting in the death and injury of civilians, including women and children.

IWA declared this atrocious and heartless assault against the innocent people of Palestine as an attack against humanity.

As the international community commemorates the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on November 25, we call on Israel to stop this violence against women, stop this aggression and respect the human rights of the Palestine people, said Liza Maza, IWA Chairperson.

IWA equally condemned the United States government for supporting the campaign on Gaza and in encouraging the Israeli government to continue their deployment of warplanes and naval vessels on the coast of Palestine and to continue their indiscriminate launching of bombs and missiles, in full disregard of the lives and human rights of the Palestine people.

“We also condemn Israel’s plan to conduct ground invasion of the Palestinian Territory which will only result in the intensification of violence against the Palestinian people, most especially against women and children,” the group said.

The member organizations and networks of IWA in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa, North America, the Middle East and Oceania, called on the people of the world who value peace, freedom and human rights to exhaust all efforts in demanding that Israel stop the murder of innocent civilians and the destruction of homes, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure, and continue our support to the Palestinian people’s struggle for independence and national sovereignty.

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