Jinggoy blasts JV for using him to gain publicity

SENATE President Pro-Tempore Jinggoy Estrada lambasted his brother, San Juan Rep. Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito for allegedly using his name to gain publicity and install himself (JV) to the Upper Chamber.

“I am very upset and deeply hurt over some of the comments made by him and his efforts to generate publicity over a supposed competition or rivalry between us at my expense,” Sen. Estrada said in a statement issued Thursday.

Estrada is reacting to numerous news reports and articles circulating over the print, broadcast and online media regarding the supposed sibling rivalry between him and JV, which according to the senator aimed to gain publicity for the congressman.

“I have never been a party to what others regard as a sibling rivalry nor considered our relationship as such. I believe that the nature of our tepid relationship is perhaps understandable considering our family’s circumstances,” Estrada said.

The senator is the son of former President Joseph Estrada to  Dr. Luisa “Loi” Ejercito-Estrada, while JV to San Juan Mayor Guia Gomez.

“Any statement insinuating hostility much more creating public perception of antagonism stemming from such family setup, between two lawmakers possibly extending to the halls of the Senate is farfetched and very unfortunate,” the senator explained.

Estrada admitted that they may not agree and even argue on some social and political issues – much like the atmosphere in any deliberative body and the current Philippine Senate where free exchange of ideas is not only welcome but absolutely necessary.

“Again, this does not mean that we have to be at each other’s throat at all times, though it seems that my brother thinks otherwise,” he said.

Estrada said that if JV happens to be elected as a Senator and there comes a time when there is something to point out with respect to legislative work or socio-political concerns, “he will carry out the task as a seasoned legislator and as a statesman considering that my brother is a younger colleague.”

“I believe that I have done my best to prove that I can rise above any petty and unjust remarks against me from my own brother. I sincerely hope that as a senatorial aspirant who I look forward to being a colleague in the Senate, he can do the same,” the senator said.

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