Joker: Whether Obama, Romney wins, US policy to PHL still the same

SENATOR Joker Arroyo on Monday said that whoever wins between US President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney the American policy towards the Philippines will still be the same.

“Alam mo tayong mga Filipino, we should not hope that the results of the election in the US will favor and will not favor the Philippines since it has no effects on us. There is no effects, meaning whoever, win, whether it is Obama bill re-elected, and now, Romney will be the next president, the US policy towards the Philippines will remain the same,” Arroyo said.

“Whoever wins between Obama and Romney there is no effect to us,” he reiterated.

Arroyo, foremost critics against US policy in the country, said the relations of the Philippines and US are essentially covered by law enacted by US Congress, which being undertaken by the State Department, Department of Defense and its foreign relations.

“Unlike here in the Philippines, there are positions papers in the US State Department and the Defense Department kung ano ang relations natin, hindi nagbabago iyon even there is a change in presidency that is the effect of it. Kaya hindi na tayo dapat umasa pa becasue walang pagbabago iyan. Pareho lang iyan,” he said.

He made an example during past when administration in the was changed, the US policy towards the country were never changed even the elected president has a controlled over both houses of US Congress.

“When (Franklin) Roosevelt succeeded by (Harry) Truman after World War II, he (Truman) promised to give equal benefits to Filipinos who fought under the American flag and command with American soldiers, but the US Congress did not give it. Nawala iyon, then (Dwight) Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy, who said to be progressive and liberal, but they did not change their policy towards the Philippines,” he said.

US like China in PHL’s policy

Arroyo also said that there would be changes in Chinese leadership, just like the US, there would no shifting of policies towards the Philippines because the Central Committee of the China’s Communist Party will determined its foreign policy, not the new prime minister.

“The (China’s) policy dito sa atin, they will take a very strong position kahit wala pa sila sa puwesto, but the moment, they have their position like in China, the politburo (Central Committee) decides what they are going to say, susunod sila,” Arroyo said referring to the statement made by Interior and Local Government Secretary Manuel Roxas that he “re-established what has been a frayed relationship” on his talks with Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping and Chinese Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Fu Ying last September 21.

But, Arroyo said that whoever the new leader, elected in Washington and appointed in Beijing, the country should be friend to them rather than siding to anyone.

“So, ngayon ang problema natin sa China, we just friend with both. Huwag na tayong magkampi kahit kanino, basta we just be friends with them,” he said.

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