Kodao, NPC to screen a rare film titled “Deadline (The Reign of Impunity)”

ON November 23, 2012, the Maguindanao Massacre will have notched three years in the time line.
To mark the event, and to reiterate our commitment to media freedom, Kodao Productions, a community-oriented multimedia production group, has teamed up with the National Press Club to screen a rare film titled “Deadline (The Reign of Impunity).”

The film dramatizes media killings in the Philippines and bares how a country, supposedly at peace, could become the world’s “most dangerous place for journalists.” Loosely inspired by the 2009 Maguindanao Massacre  that killed 32 journalists in the single worst incident of violence against the media, “Deadline (The Reign of Impunity)”  is a political thriller that pulsates with the brutality of a democracy gone awry.

Deadline” is directed by Joel Lamangan from a script by Bonifacio P. Ilagan.  Its powerhouse cast is led by Lovi Poe, TJ Trinidad, Allen Dizon and Ina Feleo.

There will be two screenings at 6 PM and 8 PM, on November 23, 2012 at SM Manila.


HENRY ROSALES, crusading reporter of the Philippine Sentinel and president of the Philippine League of Journalists, is abducted and killed.

It turns out that Gov. Muntazir Ghazi of the province of Abdul Rabb has masterminded the murder on account of Rosales’ reportage about media killings and warlordism in the country.  Rosales pinpoints the governor as the most powerful and scheming among the warlords — which he is.  A close ally of the Philippine president, the governor has built his private army with the support of the national government.

Learning that Azad Sinan and Claire Pasilan, two journalists right in his turf, have been Henry’s informants, the governor promptly orders their execution.  But his men bungle the job.  In the wave of their atrocities, Henry’s fiancée, television journalist Greta Manarang, gets entangled with columnist Ross Rivera, an avowed defender of the establishment. Henry’s death, however, causes an epiphany of sorts for Ross.

The media league presents Azad, Claire and Azad’s sister Jehan in a press conference that gets bombed out by the governor.  Scores die, including 32 journalists.  Evidence immediately surfaces assigning criminal responsibility to the governor.

The president declares martial law in Abdul Rabb.  The aim is to contain public outrage over the mass murders, and also to silence the governor who could expose how the president actually stole the election.  In the ensuing police and military operation against the governor’s private army, he and his henchmen are themselves massacred by state security forces to keep peace and order in the land.


•    The Philippines has been tagged  by media groups, including the International Federation of Journalists and the Committee for the Protection of Journalists, as “the most dangerous place in the world for journalists” – at one point surpassing even war-torn Iraq.

•    Since 1986, when the Philippines supposedly won back its democracy,  some 155 journalists have already been murdered.  Of these, 104 were killed during the nine-year presidency of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, including 32 media workers who died in the November 23, 2009 Maguindanao Massacre, dubbed as the single worst attack against the media in the world.

•    In less than two years of the presidency of Noynoy Aquino (as of March 29, 2012) at least 12 journalists have already been killed, with the first casualty, Jose Daguio, being shot in Tabuk, Kalinga-Apayao  on July 3, 2010 in the first week of the new administration.  Curiously, only five journalists were killed in the first two years of GMA.

•    Two more have been added in the list of  journalists killed during the Noynoy Aquino presidency (for a total of 14), the latest being Julius Caesar Cauzo, a local broadcaster of radio station  dwJJ in Cabanatuan City, on November 8, 2012. ◙

TITLE: Deadline (The Reign of Impunity)

Year of Production 2011

Country Philippines

Language  Filipino, with English subtitles

Genre  Political Thriller

Subject  Human Rights (Media Killings)

Director  Joel C. Lamangan

Story & screenplay Bonifacio P. Ilagan

CAST  Tirso Cruz lll, Allen Dizon, Lovi Poe, TJ Trinidad, Ina Feleo, Luis Alandy, Jaime Pebanco, Racquel Villavicencio, Tony Mabesa, Richard Quan, Rico Barrera, Jeffrey Santos, John Apacible, Benjie Felipe, Marili Ilagan, Doming Landicho, Madelaine Nicolas, Gilleth Sandico, Brylle Mondejar, Bonifacio Ilagan, Sue Prado, Althea Vega, Maricar de la Fuente, Dessa Ilagan  •  Special participation by Ms. Che-Che Lazaro & Mr. Ted Failon

Director of Photography  Monino S. Duque

Music  Von de Guzman

Sound Supervision  Ditoy Aguila

Production Design Edgar Martin Littaua

Editor  John Anthony Wong

Assistant Directors  Arman Reyes, Julius  Alfonso

Pproduction Managers  Raul Caro, Marvin de la Cruz, Melon “Byuti” P. Antonio

Associate Producers  Jumbo R. Bramaje,  Julieta R. Gregorio

Supervising and Line Producer Dennis C. Evangelista

Executive Producer  Atty.  Antonio E. Inton, Jr.

Producers  Ma. Gracia A. Lara, Butch C. de los Reyes

PRODUCTION OUTFITS Xiti Productions,  A.E.I. Movie Productions

Running time  105  minutes

Awards, citationss & film festival selections

•    Official Selection,  35th Montreal World Film Festival (Canada), 38th Brussels International Film Festival (Belgium),  2012 Seattle International Film Festival (USA)
•    Nominee,  9th Golden Screen Awards:  Best Motion Picture (Drama), Best Director (Joel Lamangan), Best Story (Bonifacio Ilagan), Best Supporting Actor (Tirso Cruz III), Best Editing (John Anthony Wong), Best Sound (Ditoy Aguila)
•    Nominee, 2012 Star Awards for Movies:  Best Supporting Actor (Tirso Cruz III), Best Editing (John Anthony Wong)
•    Nominee, 2012 Gawad Urian:  Best Screenplay (Bonifacio Ilagan), Best Supporting Actor (TJ Trinidad)
•    European screenings in The Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria & Denmark
•    Endorsed by the Commission on Human Rights & the Department of Education

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